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Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications

Reports by the Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications (listed by most recent release)

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2000 Assessment of the Office of Naval Research's Marine Corps Science and Technology Program (2000)

Making IT Better: Expanding Information Technology Research to Meet Society's Needs (2000)

Issues in the Integration of Research and Operational Satellite Systems for Climate Research: Part I. Science and Design (2000)

Review of NASA's Biomedical Research Program (2000)

Graduate Education in the Chemical Sciences: Issues for the 21st Century: Report of a Workshop (2000)

Assessment of Mission Size Trade-offs for NASA's Earth and Space Science Missions (2000)

Review of ONR's Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles Program (2000)

Network-Centric Naval Forces: A Transition Strategy for Enhancing Operational Capabilities (2000)

Electrometallurgical Techniques for DOE Spent Fuel Treatment: Final Report (2000)

Summary of a Workshop on Information Technology Research for Federal Statistics (2000)