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National Materials Advisory Board

Reports by the National Materials Advisory Board (listed by most recent release)

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Use of Lightweight Materials in 21st Century Army Trucks (2003)

Materials Research to Meet 21st-Century Defense Needs (2003)

Combat Hybrid Power System Component Technologies: Technical Challenges and Research Priorities (2002)

The Impact of Acquisition Reform on Department of Defense Specifications and Standards for Materials and Processes: Report of the Workshop on Technical Strategies for Adoption of Commercial Materials and Processing Standards in Defense Procurement (2002)

Summary: Assessment of Technologies Deployed to Improve Aviation Security: Second Report: Progress Toward Objectives (2002)

Evolutionary and Revolutionary Technologies for Mining (2002)

Materials in the New Millennium: Responding to Society's Needs (2001)

Materials Research to Meet 21st Century Defense Needs: Interim Report (2001)

Small Business Innovation Research to Support Aging Aircraft: Priority Technical Areas and Process Improvements (2001)

Summary of the Workshop on Structural Nanomaterials (2001)