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National Materials Advisory Board

Reports by the National Materials Advisory Board (listed by most recent release)

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Opportunities in Protection Materials Science and Technology for Future Army Applications (2011)

Research Opportunities in Corrosion Science and Engineering (2011)

Selling the Nation's Helium Reserve (2010)

Review of the Bureau of Reclamation's Corrosion Prevention Standards for Ductile Iron Pipe (2009)

Review of the Federal Strategy for Nanotechnology-Related Environmental, Health, and Safety Research (2009)

Assessment of Corrosion Education (2009)

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering: A Transformational Discipline for Improved Competitiveness and National Security (2008)

Ballistic Imaging (2008)

Proceedings of a Workshop on Materials State Awareness (2008)

Managing Materials for a Twenty-first Century Military (2008)