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Office of International Affairs

Reports by the Office of International Affairs (listed by most recent release)

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Grasslands and Grassland Sciences in Northern China (1992)

U.S.-Japan Technology Linkages in Biotechnology: Challenges for the 1990s (1992)

U.S.-Japan Strategic Alliances in the Semiconductor Industry: Technology Transfer, Competition, and Public Policy (1992)

Japan's Growing Technological Capability: Implications for the U.S. Economy (1992)

China and Global Change: Opportunities for Collaboration (1992)

Europe 1992: The Implications of Market Integration for R & D-Intensive Firms (1991)

High-Energy Astrophysics: American and Soviet Perspectives/Proceedings from the U.S.-U.S.S.R. Workshop on High-Energy Astrophysics (1991)

Toward Sustainability: Soil and Water Research Priorities for Developing Countries (1991)

Saline Agriculture: Salt-Tolerant Plants for Developing Countries (1990)

Soviet-American Dialogue in the Social Sciences: Research Workshops on Interdependence Among Nations (1990)