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Strategic Highway Research Program Capacity Focus Area

Reports by the Strategic Highway Research Program Capacity Focus Area (listed by most recent release)

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Activity-Based Travel Demand Models: A Primer (2014)

Effect of Public-Private Partnerships and Nontraditional Procurement Processes on Highway Planning, Environmental Review, and Collaborative Decision Making (2013)

Integration of National-Level Geospatial Ecological Tools and Data (2014)

Framework for Collaborative Decision Making on Additions to Highway Capacity (2014)

Dynamic, Integrated Model System: Sacramento-Area Application, Volume 1: Summary Report (2014)

Transferability of Activity-Based Model Parameters (2014)

Effect of Smart Growth Policies on Travel Demand (2013)

Dynamic, Integrated Model System: Jacksonville-Area Application (2013)

Integrating Freight Considerations into Collaborative Decision Making for Additions to Highway Capacity (2014)

Integrating Freight Considerations into the Highway Capacity Planning Process: Practitioner’s Guide (2013)