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Strategic Highway Research Program Capacity Focus Area

Reports by the Strategic Highway Research Program Capacity Focus Area (listed by most recent release)

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Assessment of Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments Use of TCAPP in Developing a Long-Range Transportation Plan: Technical Evaluation (2013)

A New Route to Complete Streets? Using the TCAPP Model in Grand Rapids, Minnesota (2013)

Long Range Transportation Planning Process: Puget Sound TCAPP Pilot Test (2013)

Pilot Test of the TCAPP Collaborative Decision-Making Framework Including a Self-Assessment Methodology: Washington State’s SR 509 Project (2013)

Practitioner’s Guide to the Integrated Ecological Framework (2013)

Improving Our Understanding of How Highway Congestion and Pricing Affect Travel Demand (2012)

SmartGAP User’s Guide (2013)

Freight Demand Modeling and Data Improvement (2013)

Freight Demand Modeling and Data Improvement Strategic Plan (2013)

Incorporating Greenhouse Gas Emissions into the Collaborative Decision-Making Process (2012)