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Reports by the Board on Radioactive Waste Management (listed by most recent release)

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Characterization of Remote-Handled Transuranic Waste for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Interim Report (2001)

Evaluation of Criteria for Selecting a Salt Processing Alternative for High-Level Waste at the Savannah River Site: Interim Report (2001)

Alternatives for High-Level Waste Salt Processing at the Savannah River Site (2000)

Long-Term Institutional Management of U.S. Department of Energy Legacy Waste Sites (2000)

Natural Attenuation for Groundwater Remediation (2000)

Improving Operations and Long-Term Safety of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant: Interim Report (2000)

Research Needs in Subsurface Science (2000)

Technologies for Environmental Management: The Department of Energy's Office of Science and Technology (1999)

Disposition of High-Level Radioactive Waste Through Geological Isolation: Development, Current Status, and Technical and Policy Challenges (1999)

Peer Review in Environmental Technology Development Programs (1998)