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Transit Cooperative Research Program

Featured Reports & Resources from TCRP

Reports by the Transit Cooperative Research Program (listed by most recent release)

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Fare Capping: Balancing Revenue and Equity Impacts (2022)

ADA Paratransit and Other Demand-Responsive Transportation Services in Small to Midsized Transit Agencies (2022)

Recent Decline in Public Transportation Ridership: Analysis, Causes, and Responses (2022)

Assessing Equity and Identifying Impacts Associated with Bus Network Redesigns (2022)

Cybersecurity in Transit Systems (2022)

Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation (2022)

Transit Safety Risk Assessment Methodologies (2021)

Resource Guide for Improving Diversity and Inclusion Programs for the Public Transportation Industry (2021)

Assessing and Mitigating Electrical Fires on Transit Vehicles (2021)