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Reports by the Board on Radioactive Waste Management (listed by most recent release)

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Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage: Public Report (2006)

Remedial Action at the Moab Site: Now and for the Long Term: Letter Report (2002)

Long-Term Stewardship of DOE Legacy Waste Sites: A Status Report (2003)

Improving the Characterization Program for Contact-Handled Transuranic Waste Bound for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (2004)

Principles and Operational Strategies for Staged Repository Systems: Progress Report (2002)

Risk and Decisions About Disposition of Transuranic and High-Level Radioactive Waste (2005)

Improving the Characterization and Treatment of Radioactive Wastes for the Department of Energy's Accelerated Site Cleanup Program (2005)

Improving the Regulation and Management of Low-Activity Radioactive Wastes: Interim Report on Current Regulations, Inventories, and Practices (2003)

End Points for Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste in Russia and the United States (2003)

Improving the Scientific Basis for Managing DOE's Excess Nuclear Materials and Spent Nuclear Fuel (2003)