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Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications

Reports by the Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications (listed by most recent release)

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Microgravity Research in Support of Technologies for the Human Exploration and Development of Space and Planetary Bodies (2000)

Networking Health: Prescriptions for the Internet (2000)

An Assessment of Undersea Weapons Science and Technology (2000)

The Impact of Selling the Federal Helium Reserve (2000)

Laboratory Design, Construction, and Renovation: Participants, Process, and Product (2000)

An Assessment of Naval Hydromechanics Science and Technology (2000)

Future Biotechnology Research on the International Space Station (2000)

The Role of Small Satellites in NASA and NOAA Earth Observation Programs (2000)

Strengthening the Linkages Between the Sciences and the Mathematical Sciences (2000)

Radiation and the International Space Station: Recommendations to Reduce Risk (2000)